Nutrition and Hydration in the Elderly

The elderly often show less interest in eating and weight loss can become quiet noticeable. They may also stop drinking as much – especially if they have problems with incontinence. In the face of advanced dementia and/or a terminal illness, this disinterest in food and drink can become even more pronounced. Family dinners become less of a social event and more a battle of wills as children focus their energy on what is being eaten and how much is being eaten. If there is extreme weight loss, artificial nutrition or hydration may be considered.Before considering alternative methods of nutrition and hydration there are certain questions that need to be asked:Has there been a swallow study (Modified Barium Swallow) done to rule out a physical problem which makes swallowing difficult? Muscle strength typically decreases as we age. This decrease in muscle strength can effect the muscles involved in swallowing. Strokes or TIAs (“mini”-strokes) can affect the muscle control needed to swallow effectively.
Are ill-fitting dentures or poor dentition to blame for a decrease in eating? If dentures do not fit well, eating can become problematic and even painful. Chewing and eating can also be difficult if natural teeth are broken or missing.
Is there a fear of drinking or eating because of problems with incontinence? The elderly often have problems with incontinence and may refrain from eating or drinking if they are afraid that they may have an “accident” or not have easy access to a bathroom when needed.
Is depression a factor? Clinical depression can cause a lack of appetite which may result in weight loss. Depression can also cause a lack of interest in activities such as family dinners, eating out, etc.
Are medications to blame? Many medications can cause a lack of appetite or make food “taste funny”.
Is dementia a factor? Elderly people with dementia may forget how to prepare food, how to feed themselves, or how to chew and swallow.
Is a decrease in appetite the result of a terminal illness? One of the problems encountered with terminal illness is a natural decrease in hunger and thirst as the body prepares for death. Medical professionals should be involved in helping patients and their families to understand the disease process and its impact on nutrition and swallowing.If alternative means of nutrition and/or hydration are being considered certain questions should be considered:Will alternative nutrition/hydration improve nutritional status?
Will alternative nutrition/hydration decrease the risk of disease or prevent disease?
Will alternative nutrition/hydration help to increase life expectancy?
Will alternative nutrition/hydration improve the quality of life?
Is alternative nutrition/hydration a short-term or long-term intervention?
What are the risks involved with alternative nutrition/hydration?
Are there any considerations if alternative nutrition/hydration is provided, but there is a “change of heart”?All of these questions need to be considered very carefully before taking steps to pursue alternative means of nutrition. Professionals need to educate families on the benefits and contra-indications of tube-feedings, nutritional supplements, appetite stimulants, etc. before a decision is made. This education needs to be specific to the patient involved and take into consideration the overall medical condition of the patient.

Dream Lifestyle: Yours in 7 Simple Steps

What is your dream lifestyle? Is it crammed full of exotic travel? Or settled with a loving family around you? Or perhaps you are stinking rich and famous? Or quietly respected within your business field? Regardless of your own particular aspirations did you know your dream lifestyle is possible when you remember the following steps.1. Let Go of Old Preconceptions of Success
Only when you accept it is possible for you to fulfill your dreams completely, then and only then, can you create the lifestyle you desire. It first begins in the mind.2. Identify Limiting Beliefs
It might be you need to do an internal search to see what has been holding you back. Just as you would type a keyword into Google to search for something, try a keyword search within your psyche and see what comes up. Try ‘typing’ in words which carry some sort of emotional charge for you and then either carrying on writing to lose this charge, or work with a coach to help let any ‘stuff’ go you may have around success. Or simply just be aware of it and it will lose its power.3. Visualise What do you want?
Have you ever sat down and really thought about your ideal lifestyle specifically? Have a go in words, pictures, cut-outs from magazines etc. It’s a fun exercise to do and gets you focused on outcomes.4. Act As If
When you’ve worked out exactly what you want from your lifestyle, the next step is to act as if you have already achieved it. It helps to get you aligned to the end goal and when energy is aligned, miracles happen. 5. Make A Plan
Miracles work better with some planning. It’s always a good idea once you’ve got your goals in mind, to work with someone to help map the way. This could be a business coach, a mentor or even just a good friend who has some business acumen. 6. Take Action
The ideal lifestyle doesn’t just happen, no matter how much we wish it so. You need to take the required action steps. If this means meeting some of your limiting beliefs head on, then full steam ahead! You’re on your way. 7. Reward Yourself
Remember to treat yourself with every success, no matter how small it seems.Creating your ideal lifestyle sounds easy… and it can be. All you need to do is get out of your own way, picture what you really want, allow yourself to have it and then take the required steps to get there. So why not take that first step? You never know, you might just be one step closer to the lifestyle of your dreams.

RV Financing: Make A Wise Choice

RV financing goes hand in hand with purchasing a new or used recreational vehicle. You will definitely need to take a look at your RV financing options prior to purchasing. RV financing can either help or hurt you in your RV purchase by saving you or costing you maybe hundreds of dollars down the road. In general, when looking at different RV financing terms, you will want to find the best monthly payment. This payment should have you paying the least amount of interest over the life of the RV financing loan. You will have the option to self-finance, dealer finance, online RV financing, or through a bank loan.Types Of Financing1. Many people first think of a bank or credit union as the best source of RV financing. If you have been working or have a close relationship to such an institution, you may receive a good deal. It is important to note that this type of RV financing institution may not offer you a wide range of flexibility to the terms, and they typically do not have specific financing for RV buyers.2. Self-financing is another popular RV financing tool for purchasing an RV. You can use cash, CDs, a retirement policy, life insurance policy, or even a home equity line. Beware of capital gains tax, or early withdrawal penalties for money and the funding base you plan on using for your recreational vehicle purchase. You can also consider your new RV as a second home, if it has sleeping, bath, and kitchen areas. Self-financing can be one of the best, most rewarding ways to finance your motor home purchase.3. You also have the RV financing option to finance through your RV dealer. Dealers will have access to lending companies and/or loan products that regular corner banking services do not have or are able to offer. Dealers have competitive, flexible terms and rates, which may be more beneficial to you. Typical dealer loans will range from 10, 15, or 20 years, depending on the RV itself. Make sure you read between the lines before signing anything, and make sure you understand all of the terms.4. A recreational vehicle club can also offer your quality financing for your motor home purchase. These RV clubs have financing lenders and companies they work with on a regular basis. You may find these motor home club financing lenders offer low rates and good terms. If you are thinking about buying a specific manufacturer’s make or model of RV, double check to see if the manufacturer offers financing before making your final spending decision.5. Online options are a great way for you to cost compare different lending options. There are online tools, such as an online RV calculator, which can assist you in figuring out a monthly payment with interest rate, loan amount, and length of term. Loans can also be secured online.Most importantly, look at the total cost of the loan throughout its life. There are simple interest loans, balloon payments, pre-payment penalties, and more. Do research on your own to ensure you make the wisest, most education decision when financing your recreational vehicle.

How to Find Photography Schools

Today’s digital cameras are loaded with all sorts or pre-set “modes” and features that make it almost effortless for someone to capture images and scenes at their very best. Unfortunately, there are still dozens of events and moments that call for a special understanding of the lighting, ISO and other camera settings in order to accurately record the scene.Anyone particularly interested in learning more about photography will find a host of “how to” books and guides, but their best bet for really learning how to use even the most basic equipment is to attend one of the many photography schools available.Where are photography schools in my area? This question is easily answered by an old-fashioned search of the local yellow pages telephone directory, but the Internet is also an excellent option. Through a simple search engine a consumer will find a host of local, regional and online photography schools where they can enroll in courses or even degree programs.There are some guidelines however to selecting the right photography schools for each individual’s needs. For example, someone seeking to understand the basics of digital photography need not enroll in an entire certification program, and the best photography schools will offer such a diversity of options in coursework or degree programs.To begin with, a potential student should assess what they want to gain from their educational experience. There are currently photography schools dedicated to photojournalism, technical expertise, dark room skills, as well as the full range of other photographic topics, and a potential student should target their search based upon that.Additionally, there are many local resources such as ongoing education and adult education in public schools that present adults with the chance to attend several weeks of classes in order to receive a focused education in one particular area or subject.Photography schools are a great way to also begin an entirely new career path, and because many of these institutions are aware of this fact, they offer online and evening classes that provide students with the chance to learn while keeping their regular, full time employment.Anyone interested in attending one of the many photography schools should ensure that their degree or certification will be from an accredited agency however, and this is especially true for anyone hoping to eventually make photography their career. Many major universities and state colleges with arts programs will generally have photography schools attached to their facility, and if not they will generally be able to direct an interested student to a local or nearby, and accredited, school.What kind of full time careers can someone with a degree from one of the professional photography schools pursue? While there are the obvious photographic careers, including portrait, commercial and artistic photographers, there are also many modern facets to professional pursuits in this area as well. Interestingly many students will focus on media that goes a bit beyond just “still” photography, for example many graduates of photography schools pursue careers in video photography, macro photography and commercial imagery, as well as micro and scientific photography also.